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    An idea that would be blaphemous in the eyes of many:

    Let justice points and honor be the same currency.

    Look at it this way: JP and honor both let you buy ilvl 458 gear. Might as well let it be pvp gear so that way folks that are facerolling their way through heroics and don't needs heirlooms or whatever can instead load up on a pvp set and go have some fun in random BGs or whatever.

    Yes, I'm well aware you can trade JP for honor and vice versa; the conversion rate being 1.5:1 is dumb, if you ask me. When there was Valor to Conquest, it was 1:1, and I along with many others put that to good use during Cata, since early on in patches, more time would be spent doing progression raiding, thus after PVE gear was acquired we would spend VP catching our PVP gear up.

    Besides, it's not like JP/honor are letting us buy the absolute best gear. Would it be so terrible to let someone run a few dungeons (ok, a few dozen, heh) to acquire a full set of pvp gear, or (to put the shoe on the other foot) allow a pvper to use unspent honor to pick up some filler items for pve?

    Also tossing my vote in for having some form of weapons purchasable via honor, somewhere between ilvl 450-458. Would be better for pvp than 463 heroic weapons by a mile, but inferior to those 463s for pve.

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    Quote Originally Posted by soletaken View Post
    Blizzard don't want you to have tons of alts
    If that's the case, why did they add BoA gear, the increased MoP reputation items at Revered, etc.? To me, it's obvious they WANT you to go and build/level alts (to see the game).

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