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    Addon to track the Lynx Rush Dot

    As the title says, I've been trying to find an addon to track the bleed that the lynx Rush causes, but I can't find it, the elvui doesn't even recognize the bleeding @@, and to track the Dire beast duration would be useful as well

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    Needtoknow. Get it. Use it. Love it.

    It's pretty intuitive but if you need help configuring it, don't hesitate to ask for help.

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    JSHB 4 is able to track it, and can be used for plenty of other things as well.

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    The sad part is that I've got them both but I have no idea how to configure them in order for them to show just the stacks of the lynx rush on the target, I can configure them out to show me the cd and everything but not the stacks of the bleeding itself, I just wanna to make sure that I don't overlap them, so I don't miss stacks

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    If you use need to know.. then its easy.
    Add buff/debuff, type in name of said buff/debuff name
    Switch to "debuff" on "target"

    I love that addon. use it to track everything, All CD´s, ICD, Powerups and trinket proccs, only addon i found that actually tracks the remaining duration of AmoC.
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    There is an option that lets you see stacks. The last patch killed my WoW so I can't log in and check where it is exactly. But i'm sure one of these lovely hunters will help you out. I think by default it does show stacks, not sure. But even if it doesn't, there is an option to enable it. Once it is enabled, it will show you the duration of the debuff just like any other, but it will have a number right next to the name showing the stacks. Same goes with frenzy and any other stackable ability.

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    I use that addon and i love it.

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    I track it using power auras.

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    I use TellMeWhen. It shows the stacks and the time remaining of the dot. Same goes for A Murder of Crows (except the stacks).
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    Shadowed Unit Frames displays the stacks and time left on the dot.

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    IceHUD can do it too. Also can track AMoC, SrS, whatever.
    That's what I use.

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