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    Wireless adapter issue

    I've never had issues before with my wifi. I'm under the impression its currently the adapter in my desktop - I've recently been having latency issues and have drop'd from an always perfect 5 bars, to an always certain 2.

    I'm located directly one floor above my router. Said router is a Linksys EA2700 which is a N600 dual band.

    to connect to said router, I'm using what came with my ASUS Z77-VPro. Its a single band adapter that connected into the mobo in an odd slot with an external antenna.

    Any thoughts? I'm open to pretty much any advice, sadly its a rental and as much as I'd literally love to pay to move the modem/router upstairs or run a cat5 through the wall I can't = \

    Thank you for your time.

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    try changing the channel, there are wifi scan apps for both ios and android that can show you if your current channel is crowded

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    Although there are quite a few wifi networks in my area, I'm not really sharing a channel with any of them, they all are on 1-6 and I'm over on 12 lol, there's another dude on 10 as well though but were not really overlapping much. Had it on auto before, changing it to 12 didn't do anything for me, also set my router to only broadcast in N, instead of mixed - same results.

    I'm thinking the external antenna on my 7mo old mobo has gone to crap - debating on what exactly I should buy..... never bough a wifi adapter before and I'd like a nice one.

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    Small update, its worse then I thought. Did some speedtest runs, apparently this computer is only doing ~6MbPS, while the one downstairs that's hardwired is pulling closer to 20...

    according to my wifi info its pulling 72.2mbps from the router so I'm not too sure how there's such a discrepancy, I tested multiple times with only 1 computer on at a time, and with both on same results every time = \

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