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    Whole lotta infracting going on

    Wouldn't it make the posting of infractable responses pointless if the posts were also deleted? The admins here seem to be very fast at catching people, so very few would even see them.

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    But then I don't get to see frequent examples of How Not To Post on MMO Champion™.

    It's like leaving a criminal in the stocks at the center of the village square.

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    Unfortunately discussing moderation actions (past, present, future or theoretical) is not allowed by the main forum rules so I have to close this thread. While "not knowing" the rules is not grounds to evade punishment, because we also infract people for posting about stuff they're not allowed to post about, I'll let it slide this time as an example, primarily because your post is only a suggestion.

    If you have constructive suggestions for improving the moderation on the mage forums (but keep it in accordance with the general forum rules), feel free to send a private message to Swizzle or myself about it. We can't guarantee a fast or positive response.

    If you have feedback about moderator actions (if you think Swizzle or I did something wrong), feel free to contact Super Moderators (Blues) or Site Administrators (Red).

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