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    Easiest to hardest - Heroic bosses - 25m ONLY

    I`ve seen some topics about this, but none were about 25m only.

    So far, my guild has killed:

    Dogs > Feng > Garajal > Blade Lord.

    Obviously we`re going for Elegon next. What do you think we should go for after that?

    Wind Lord? Garalon? Spirit Kings (some say its pretty easy without the order RNG)?
    Please only post if you`re experienced with the 25m mode.

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    Heroic mode or normal mode?
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    Quote Originally Posted by chaosjones View Post
    Heroic mode or normal mode?
    womp womp womp
    it says herioc in the title and you cant skip bosses in normal mode progression

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    16/16 HC here (in order of difficulty, i play a mistweaver)

    Sha of Fear
    Grand Empress
    Will of the Emperor
    Protectors of the Endless
    Spirit Kings
    Blade Lord
    Lei Shi
    Wind Lord
    Feng the Accursed
    Stone Guardians

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    Is Elegon harder then Garalon, Wind Lord and Lei Shi o.O?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mkill View Post
    Is Elegon harder then Garalon, Wind Lord and Lei Shi o.O?
    IMO, yes.


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    Stone Guard
    Wind Lord
    Blade Lord
    Spirit Kings
    Amber Shaper
    Will of the Emperor

    These are the bosses I've done thus far and the order I'd put them in. To answer your question, I'd definitely say Elegon is harder than Wind Lord but easier than Garalon and Lei Shi. Wind Lord literally took us 5 pulls total to kill. Then again, I have no idea where your raid is at gear/DPS wise. A lot of these fights are completely trivialized with a bit of overgearing, particularly Elegon.

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    Thanks for the feedback so far guys.

    Keep it coming :P.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mkill View Post
    Is Elegon harder then Garalon, Wind Lord and Lei Shi o.O?
    I disagree. The only challenging part of the Elegon encounter was the dps requirements in half blue gear at the beginning of the expansion. Guilds are now killing it with 15 stacks during the second spark phase.

    Tbh I woudln't trust HamSandwichFace's list: half of it seems based on having BiS gear (in which case yeah, Feng is harder than Garajal I guess), the other half doesnt and...Tsulong harder than Zorlok and Empress?

    I'd go with something like this: Elegon -> Garalon -> Wind Lord and then take a look at Lei Shi/Amber Shaper.
    Lei Shi is indeed pretty easy but i'm not sure about how much gear is important on it. On the other hand Amber Shaper doesn't require amazing gear at all and is all about having enough people able to drive the amber construct without fucking up (which unfortunately might require a few wipes, depending on your raiders).
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    I know this is a 25m discussion, but I've seen a lot of talk about Gara'jal being very intensive on healing and dps - is that only for ten man or do you guys list it as one of the easier encounters due to increased gear at this point?

    My guild is about to start heroics (10m) and these threads have been very useful - perhaps some specifics on why the fights are easier or harder would help. Stone guards HC, for example, is considered trivial on 10m not necessarily because its that easy but because you can just bring a 3rd (or even 4th) healer and faceroll it. At least that's my understanding anyway ;P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Makro View Post
    Tbh I woudln't trust HamSandwichFace's list: half of it seems based on having BiS gear (in which case yeah, Feng is harder than Garajal I guess), the other half doesnt and...Tsulong harder than Zorlok and Empress?
    I'm basing it off of my experiences of the fights as a Mistweaver. Most fights are pretty easy to learn. Monks are damn near unkillable (you have about 4 defensive CDs) so it's really hard to die unless you mess up hugely. That's why I ranked the way I have. Some fights can gib you (the top tier ones) even through your CDs, most do not though. Mistweaver is also incredibly easy to play until Sha of Fear HC.

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    25m heroic bosses, easiest -> hardest

    stone guards -> feng -> garajal -> elegon -> garalon -> blade lord -> lei'shi -> wind lord -> spirit kings -> amber shaper -> tsulong -> zorlok -> will of the emperor -> protectors -> grand empress -> sha of fear

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    Stone Guard and Feng are very easy fights, especially if you are starting them at a 470+ average ilvl.

    Gara'jal, Elegon, and Garalon are all pretty much pure DPS checks which have little to no execution/situational awareness requirements. Those type of fights are easy if you have the gear and DPS to steam roll them, and just keep getting easier each week as your raid gets more and more gear.

    Spirit Guards is basically the Omnitron fight of T14 (even with the new static order), and requires an extremely high level of situational awareness. If your raid has a lot of people who are bad at that (especially DPS who proc shields), the fight will be as massively frustrating as any in the tier. Will of the Emperor has relatively light DPS requirements, but really extreme coordination requirements (organizing CC, soaking), as well as class composition requirements. It is likely to be very difficult if you don't have enough classes that can soak sparks or if you don't have 3 DKs.

    Blade Lord and Wind Lord are both easy fights with lower DPS requirements than several of the other fights and relatively simple awareness mechanics. I would consider doing both as soon as after 2/6 H MSV. Protectors is a relatively simple fight to execute - you just likely will need to be at 490+ ilvl to reasonably have the DPS, so should probably not attempt it until you are at least 8 HMs in.

    If I was just starting 25 man heroics right now, and assuming the raid was at like a 475 average ilvl, this is the order I would probably go with.

    Stone Guard > Feng > Gara'jal > Blade Lord > Wind Lord > Garalon > Elegon > Spirit Kings > Will of the Emperor > Protectors > Imperial Vizier

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    Personal opinion, first 11 are from personal experience, last 5 are guesses from what I've heard:

    Stone Guards > Feng > Gara'jal > Elegon > Blade Lord > Wind Lord > Spirit Kings > Garalon > Lei Shi > Will of the Emperors > Amber Shaper > Zor'lok > Protectors > Tsulong > Grand Empress > Sha.

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    stone guard > feng > garajal > elegon > blade lord > spirit kings > wind lord > garalon > will > zor'lok > amber shaper > protectors > empress > lei shi > tsulong > sha


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    It comes down to more things other than actual difficult, some encounters were hard because guilds didn't have the gear back in the days. Other fights are only hard because you can not stack healers/dps (Empress 9 healed is a joke, for eg).

    Also, some encounters are hard because of gear, others because of the actual mechanics. Spirit Kings was a major guild check because of mechanics AND dps, but if you go back there and try him again with ilvl 500+, the fight will become a joke because it suffer way too much from overgearing. In the other half of the coin, having a lot of gear for Will will not make the fight that much easier, since you still have to need a clue of how to do it.

    Considering the gear we had WHEN WE DID IT. Most kills being us 5-10/world 25

    stone guard > elegon > feng > blade lord > wind lord > lei shi > garalon > will > garajal > empress > protectors > tsulong > vizier > spirit kings

    Didn't rate Sha since I didn't kill it yet. From what I heard, the encounter is not "hard" on the requirements (stacking, DPS needed, HPS needed), it is just a 22min long damn fight.

    Worth saying, WoWProgress isnt a realiable source imo. A lot of guilds go to whatever is better for them (usually, the realmfirst achieves) and thats why there might be a only a few Lei Shi kills, for eg, since the boss is not as important as lets say, Will or Empress. But if you actually tried all these 3 encounters, you'd easily note that Lei Shi learning is only like 5-10 attempts meanwhile the other 2 can take a little longer.

    Obs: Take into consideration Vizier got nerfed after it was killable. The fact that he always went right (saving 10-12min per fail attempt) and Force and Verve doing less dmg (Shields absorb 60%, old: 40%). Imo the FnV wasn't even needed, but the fact that he now always go right made the boss way less time consuming which undoubtly made him way easier. People wanting it or not, it has to be taken into account while measuring the boss difficulty.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HhitSappens View Post

    stone guard > elegon > feng > blade lord > wind lord > lei shi > garalon > will > garajal > spirit kings > empress > protectors > tsulong > vizier > spirit kings
    Interesting, Spirit Kings are 2 separate encounters.
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    Misplayed with control x/c/v. My correct post would have Spirit Kings as the hardest encounter. Fix't.

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    Spirit kings has been hotfixed to the easiest order, I would now put it just after Elegon.
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    Raiding only 2 times a week, we managed to kill both Elegon and Wind Lord during this cooldown.
    Id say that both are easier than Blade Lord.

    So far, for me, 25m HC:
    Stone Guard > Gara`jal > Elegon > Feng > Wind Lord > Blade Lord
    Avg 490 ilvl - aka overgearing encounters.

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