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    leveling my next alt! huntard or druid!

    So, i'm leveling my next alt soon, and i'm having a hard time choosing between a hunter and a druid. For all you guys that leveled one of them (or both) could you answer these following questions
    1)which is more fun/easier to level?
    2)which does the best in bgs while leveling, and rbgs/arena at level 90?
    3)what are the best specs to level as?
    4) what specs are the best for pvp? but for feral druid, why is that one so hard to kill? and so dominant with so much damage?

    Sorry to bug y'all, but thank you for the time to reply and helping a fellow wower out! any other advice or tips would be recommended

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    I'm sorry but these "What class?" threads aren't allowed here as the choice is very subjective. Best of luck with your choice!

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