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    i dont really have a problem with long movies. 2-3 hour movies dont really bother me, but i havent went to a lot of 3+ hour movies. most of them average 2 to 2 1/2 hours long.

    that being said, this past weekend our local movie theater did a replay of the orignal lotr trilogy but with the extended versions. so each movie was roughly 4 hours long. granted there was about a 45 min break in between movies, a short 10 min break halfway thru those movies i could have justified.
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    My theater always does 10 minutes break for longer movies 2.5+ hours, and while i'm blessed with extraordinary humongous bladder, some people aren't so lucky and missing part of the movie always sucks. Stretching legs and getting new popcorn is a nice bonus.

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    No thanks.

    Anyone can plan in advance and do the necessary things beforehand if they know they're going to see a long movie.
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    We already have intermissions here in The Netherlands. It's a normal thing here..

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    For anything over 2 hours I think so.

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    Depends. During the Dark Knight marathon there was a 15 minute gap in between movies. Of course it was a mad rush of everyone to the washrooms and concessions so there was line-ups for both. 1st intermission was insane so I skipped it but the 2nd wasn't too bad. So, how long the intermission is and making sure there's enough time to do everything is an issue. Of course you don't want it to be too long that people become bored sitting there.

    I find myself being prepared though. I usually go before the movie and I fairly know my limits. Heck even last night I had a medium coke an hour before The Hobbit (2 hours 50 minutes) and I still made it through the movie without having to pee and we even had an hour delay due to technical difficulties.

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    As someone with the largest bladder ever (probably unhealthily so), I still wish there were intermissions between movies. It gives the eyes, ears and mind a break.
    I'll agree that it'll break the immersion that others may feel, especially if they put the intermission at a critical point in the movie. I think that would be the worst though. Would the theatre judge on a specific movie basis, or will they just say "Okay, half way through the movie, we're going to put in the intermission".

    I find going to a movie theatre quite bothersome in general though. I always wait for the movies to be out for a little bit so I can go and see them (preferably) when no one is in the theatre.. But concessions are expensive, and tend to cost more than the actual tickets themselves! These days I get the movies on DVD or something and watch them in the comfort of my own home, without people talking through it, people getting up in front of me to go outside, or the kids behind me kicking or putting their feet on the back of my seat.

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    Yeah, just as long as they don't cut it off at a bad time. I hate poorly executed commercial breaks during TV, right in the middle of something crucial happening.

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