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    Howling Blast on Heroic Spirit Kings

    Will Howling Blast trigger the shields the bosses put up with it's cleave effect? For example if I'm targetting Qiang, and Subetai has Sleight of Hand up, will using Howling Blast on Qiang cause me to get the sleight of hand debuff? I've just been backing off til both have no shield.

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    yes, you will trigger stuff on secondary targets

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    Yep it does. I got trigger happy and blew up my raid with a HB when Shield of Darkness was up on the 3rd boss.
    Epic fail, learnt from the mistake, no more cleaves on that part of the fight

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    Yeah. My friend decided to use heart strike (hes blood) and he BLEW up the raid. Everyone on vent was laughing when he did it. and zian was the final one and at 5%. They were also mad
    I solo stuff. I do deepz. I raid. What else do i want? Oh yeah. loot. give me loot. Cookie for loot?

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