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    Maximizing my DPS in 5 mans while leveling and here on out

    I come to you again with another noobish question! I'm wondering whats the best way to maximize my DPS on trash pulls and on boss fights?

    Now on boss fights I think I do pretty well. It will just take a few instances to get a full handle on the rotation and what not. BUT I used to play DW frost for raiding back in Wrath. I was gone all of cata sadly. So here is my question...

    When you pull trash in 5 mans or hell raids what do you do? Do you go running in with unholy blight? Open with Howling Blast then plague strike then pest? I mean I have learned 2H frost does not seem to trash mob friendly but then again it might be my early levels for the mid 80s. (86 and all most lvl 87). But with the 5 mans trash dies to fast to open with HB + PS Then Pest....so tell me am I doing anything wrong here? I know it sounds stupid but I always strive to be the best DPS. I know frost pretty well! And might I add I finally replaced all of my Wrath heroic gear (Pretty much!). Down below I will link my profile. and I understand it doesn't look like anything special I'm just trying to get the hang of things now so that I am raid ready in a few weeks. I'm sure I will get it down maybe the 5 mans are just not a good testing ground. Anyways let me know what you do with AOE mobs! I'd love to know if for anything just the knowledge for now.



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    ^ check it out
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    Spam Howling Blast until you run out of frost and death runes. Then put death and decay down which will cost you 1 unholy...... then start spamming frost strike to game Runic Empowerment procs on your spent death and frost runes. Once something procs howling blast again.When both of your unholy runes are up again use 1 plague strike on a mob (just one) to put 1 unholy rune back on cd. Rinse and repeat always keeping in mind that you should never put both unholy runes on cd coz then runic empowerment can proc one of them instead of frost or death, and you cant use HB with a unholy rune. When you are plague striking make sure to cycle thorough targets to put the dot on as many of them as possible. When death and decay is of cd use it again when you have both unholy runes up.

    Pestilence costs you 1 death rune that can be used on HB instead, so unless you know that you have some resilient trash packs that will live for 30 sec or longer its not worth to use pestilence, HB does more dmg.
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    dont' worry about double diseases on trash, just spam howling blast and DnD.

    and personally, i prefer to oblit to burn my unholy rune instead of plague strike just for the off chance that i'll get a Rime proc. yeah, i may be wasting a howling blast, but again, it's trash so /shrug

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