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    Rogue DPS Rotation vs Other Classes

    Hi all,

    I've only played combat rogue as dps before, and I love it. I know the rotation is fairly simple, and I have no problem topping the charts really. However, I got curious about other classes' rotations and checked out noxxic to compare to rogue rotation. It seems like the other classes are SO much more difficult/have so many more stuff to do compared to rogues, it almost made me feel uneasy to be playing a rotation this easy. Is this just a matter of false perception because I did not play any other classes or rogues really have it much easier as dps?

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    I don't think anyone here (who actually plays a Rogue, has since longer than 4.3 and has ever had another level capped DPS character) will disagree that rogues are rather boring and uninspired.
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    it's the very reason I have never liked Wow rogue for long, even though I used to play a swashbuckler-type in PnP rpgs, so combat would fit me well theoretically. I find monk fits the bill a lot better there (now that it was added) despite having a fairly simple rotation too. I don't think it's necessarily simple as much as the spam hits being really boring for rogue

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    Rogues rotation isn't necessarily simpler than other classes, but it's tuned to the resource energy which pretty much caps the ability to spam anything. Energy management is either something people get and master, or hate and refuse to deal with. On the same token, rogues end up being OK at the start of an expansion to meter topping towards the end as stats skyrocket.

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