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  • 5-6

    6 9.68%
  • 7-8

    1 1.61%
  • 9-10

    16 25.81%
  • 11-12

    15 24.19%
  • 13-14

    5 8.06%
  • 15-16+

    19 30.65%
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    What is your ideal raid size?

    Some people seem to like smaller tiers while other like huge tiers. Where do you stand?

    Edit: I mean how many bosses do you prefer to be in a tier?
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    10 seems fine to me. If you want to go larger, cut 25 down to 15. That's a good balance IMO.

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    They weren't really raids, but I loved doing 15 man dungeon runs in UBRS

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    Are you discussing number of bosses in a tier, or number of players in a raid group?

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    I think he means bosses in the tier. I'm sure results are skewed because I initially thought he meant number of people in the raid until I re-read OP.

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    Ya, I thought me meant players as well. 11ish bosses is the right amount if its a single raid like ICC but I prefer a few more bosses when there are multiple raids in a single tier like now.

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    depends on mechanics... I started raiding mid-BC and have never had huge amounts of time to dedicate in one sitting.. 10 would probably be good, if a few of the fights were more or less tank and spank

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    I really like the multiple raids in a tier, although we have yet to see it happen post-launch. I personally feel less burnout with a multi-raid tier compared to just one (large or not) simply because there's an immediate change in scenery. Raiding nine hours a week and stuck in one environment - just like ICC was - quickly felt exhausting. T11 and T14 on the other hand not only had the variety of themes but also,at some point, the order. Granted, T14 had a more linear progression but still, there's a choice one what raid to do an a day: MSV or HoF? BWD or BoT?

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    11-12 sounds good to me. Currently there seems to be too much to do, sucks if no one wants to run MSV anymore and you'd still need something from there. I think 11-12 bosses is something you'd still may be able to down in the long run. I'd prefer one larger raid and one smaller, so there'd be one raid to run with guild and another you could either run with guild or if running out of time /interest from other players, pug.

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    I enjoy 25 most. But I would to get 40 as an option!

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    You know your thread has a great title when even mods don't get what the poll's about.... :S

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    That is one badly worded title. I voted "wrong" before I even read your post properly, like I guess most did.

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    I think I'm mostly for the smaller tiers, about 4-6'ish, but really depends on the bosses, the feel of the place and such. If there's much struggle in moving forward then a large tier is gonna wear me down cuz, "Yay! One boss finally down! *sigh* Thirteen to go...".

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    Sigh... Way to make the title not make sense.
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    To me, Kara will always be the model of an ideal raid, if some of the trash was removed. 10 bosses, most of which are interesting, and not all are mandatory (Moroes, Opera, Curator, Chess and Prince being the mandatory ones). Set in a bright (this is more important than most people realise) and vibrant setting, with variety in trash and bosses.

    So basically, make a linear raid with 5 or so bosses, and then another 5 or so scattered around that are optional. The optional bosses means you always have something else to do if you're beating against a brick wall with one of the mandatory bosses.

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    never tried 40, but I like 25 way more than 10, I guess 40 would be fun too, assuming no lag

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    voted for 11-12

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