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    inc quotes of Rng is Rng i imagine...

    Lfr since first week of release -Every week every LFR thats available- 1 sigil of power that is all, not one piece of loot no matter how many extra rolls i use.

    I have since given up on doing dailies as for me, the extra rolls are worthless

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    i havent done LFR this week.

    ill only do the raid me thinks for the sha wep to place my 500 agi gem inside it.
    other raids i dont give a ****
    the progress within the guild is dead anyway since we are rerolling.

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    All I got was 4 helm tokens in a row for my quest spec.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheWindWalker View Post
    With the mental laziness of "RNG is RNG" and all the close-mindedness that phrase carries aside
    Sorry how it is lazy and close minded to understand what random means?
    "The fact that you don't get it or like it is fine. The fact that you wanna ruin it for everyone else - that's why you're a cocksucker." - Bill Hicks
    Quote Originally Posted by Darsithis View Post
    The playerbase has been desiring this for years and when it's finally here, everyone wants to grab a pitchfork. Ridiculous. This community is disgustingly toxic.
    Please send all PM's with a read receipt, that way both you and I will know I'm not reading them....

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    I never win anything, NEVER

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