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    playable race cultures

    what kind of culture do playabe races have? Like, how humans are like feudal Europe, Tauren like Indians etc.

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    Worgen - victorian England
    Dwarves - scots/nordic mythology mixed together I guess
    Trolls - Jamaica
    Draenei - Russian/Turkish/Ottomanish culture?

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    I imagine the current state of Orcs in the Horde to be like pre-war Nazi Germany, with Garrosh, obviously, as Hitler.

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    Volcanic lair, England
    Trolls: Caribbean
    Tauren: Native Indian
    Blood elves: Bro's
    Goblins: Jewish

    Humans: Feudal Europe
    Dwarves: Scottish/Nordic
    Dreanei: Middle Eastern/Eastern European
    Worgen: Victorian English (steampunk)

    The other races are more fantasy tropes than any real world correlation.

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