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    boa weapons

    Ok prob been asked before but i'm lvling a monk profile here . will what i have for boa weapons be fine higher lvls or should i use main to farm the staff. sorry just came back from a long break so kinda out of it on the monk stuff only lvled a pally to 90 about 3 weeks ago.

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    Honestly, the quest rewards you get will hold you over just fine once you hit Pandaria. The ilvl on weapons jumps from <300 in Twilight Hilights to 372 weapons just for doing the intro quest. You'll have access to ~ilvl400 gear soon after that. If you switch to playing Windwalker things should still go by fast for you even without a BOA staff/polearm.
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    You either use the staff, added in 5.0, or you use the agility swords/maces and dual wield. Either way works just fine.

    I personally used the staff, but y'know. Whichever you prefer works fine.

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    didnt know if off hand misses made duel wielding crap comapred to 2 hand or not. or do we primarly focus on main hand damage

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    Nah, that's not a concern really. Sure you miss more with dual wielding, but you also gain a buff to the damage your auto attacks do by 40%. So it balances out. (assuming you have that passive already :P)

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    Your autoattack damage and Tiger Strikes damage should work out to be pretty damn close to even regardless of whether or not you're DW'ing or using a stick. As for the kick and punch special attacks, they're based on damage values from all weapons you're using rather than just what's in your main hand, so a Blackout Kick coming from a monk using 2 fist weapons should do the same damage as an identical monk using a 2hander of the same ilvl with identical stat weights.
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    if you badly want super weapon, level archeology and get rare spear from pandaland digsites , then upgrade it ;> 471 ilvl weapon for lvl 85 is just amazing

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    yeah the 471 spear of xuen is pretty dope at 85, But when I get to 71 all i can think of is duel wielding these both with berserking

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    blue BOE Fists iLVL 450


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    Just enjoy leveling by using whatever you find or enjoy.

    Leveling has no requirements of you, stuff dies very easily and there is little challenge. Take the time to play around with different styles.

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