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    [A] Necrosis new 10 Man Guild, Tues/Thurs 11pm-2am CST Recruiting

    Necrosis of Stormrage is a new guild looking to begin raiding 10 man content starting in the next couple of weeks. We are looking to catch up quickly on the current bosses and continue to push heroic content and move to be a competitive progression focused guild. Guild leadership is experienced in both heroic progression and guild leadership, with myself having been guild leader of Seraph of Mal'Ganis (http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/...ting.tier14_25) for the past four years and needing to step down due to schedule and life changes.

    What we can promise in Necrosis is a fun raiding environment and progression in raiding.

    If you have any questions you can message myself (Jorah) or Loya for more information in game, or message me on necrosis.guildlaunch.com

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