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    Class selection question

    First of all thx for everyone who is willing to give me some assistance in my selection.

    Currently i have all classes availlable at lvl 85 (except monk), but i don't know where to go from here..

    I'm not looking for the most powerfull class but also not the weakest..

    I have been: vanilla: lock, TBC: holy paladin, wotlk: hunter, catacl: mage.

    Ok by those facts i did kind of pick the top classes but this time i don't mind anything.. any spec.. and i failed to read up on all the notes of MoP.

    So far i have only leveled my mage to 89 and i feel like he is somewhat shallow... there is not much to it, i don't know if i'm the only one having that feeling but it doesn't feel like how he played in Cata.. therefor i am asking for some help in making a good choice.


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    Druid. It's more versatile than ever, allowing you to fulfill any spec you want, and it's powerful enough to be good, in my opinion. Of course this will always be personal, but I had a blast levelling my druid to 90 and now finally testing my skills in the Brawler's Arena!
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    Thank you m8, it is something i will definatly look at i presume you went to cat/bear?

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    ther is no reason to play anything except mage. At least that counts for me.

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    What spec do you play as mage? I play fire at the moment.. but it seems a litlle doll for me .. the usual spam with no other interaction..

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    "What class?" threads aren't allowed here since the choice is so subjective. Best of luck with your choice.

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