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    you wiped a LFR raid ? Shame on you. its not like I have NEVER done that before and laughed like a maniac
    That being said, if you used SOC the the resulting explosion will break CC. and that is the fault of the tanks for not moving the boss / adds away from CC'ed mobs
    But with Mannoraths Fury which the OP said he was using, wouldn't matter really where the tanks were tanking the mobs.

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    Go to expression editor for your logs and use this to see who breaks CC:

    fullType=SPELL_AURA_BROKEN_SPELL and targetreaction=REACTION_HOSTILE

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sporky0 View Post
    Lol, AoElord.

    Wiping on an aoe dps fest. No one single person can be to blame for that, most of the raid must have sucked.
    This pretty much. I wouldn't worry about those mechanics in lfr.
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    SoC can break it if you have MF on. Not sure what else does it. Side note: Does the stun from Axe Toss of a Felguard summoned with GoServ stun an add and then break the CC?

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    I've never done Wind Lord LFR with CC's so I'm pretty sure you were not the reason your group wiped.

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