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    Quote Originally Posted by Rotted View Post
    Oh right covers immigrating to Germany as well?
    Scandinavians are seen as Germanic people as well, I believe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rotted View Post
    Oh right covers immigrating to Germany as well?
    German - from Germany
    Germanic - from Germanic ethnic group - today, that would be England, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Sweden. Maybe missed something. Historically, it would include countless nations and countries all throughout Europe and the surrounding areas (Germanic tribes settled as far as Northern Africa).

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    Most of my friends are white Swedes. I'm a minority myself, but I'm simply not close to a lot of multiculturals. Not by choice, it just sorta happened (or didn't happen as it were).

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    As is the case for most people, I become friends with people whom I regularly meet, such as through school or work. Sweden is very much a multicultural country, but first & second generation immigrants are unevenly divided between urban and rural areas; you will find most minority cultures in urban areas. I come from a rural area, thus, most of my childhood friends are white and of a typically Swedish culture.

    Now at University, in an urban area, I meet more people of different cultures and as I gradually become friends with many of them, you could say that my "cultural network of friends" is expanding.
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    Pretty much all of my real life friends are white because that's simply the way my country is; racially and ethnically homogenous. I wouldn't mind hanging out with people of other races or ethnicities though. On the contrary. A bit of change would be nice.

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    All my friends are white. I had other friends that were black and hispanic before when I was in school but they weren't the "real" friends. So now all my "real" friends are white. I usually get along with Whites and Asians a lot more than any other race. I don't have anything against blacks (except for the lowlife "yo yo gangsta" types) it's just most black people I have made friends with didn't really have the same interests as I did so we never really talked much. As for the whites and Asians I've met, it seemed like they had more similar interests than other people I've met. As for cultures, I could care less. I would actually prefer friends of different cultures, that way I can learn more about them.

    I wish I had more Asian friends.....

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    I get along with anyone whose interests and ideals are similar to mine but I admit that I have a preference for fellow european union citizens.

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    I have friends from almost every major cultural group (Central Asia, Chinese (Hong Kong variety), Japanese, American, Western European, Eastern European, African). The only one group I do not have represented among my friends is American Black, and I am not in any particular hurry to add anyone from it on my friend list.

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    I go to one of the most diverse high schools in the country which I enjoy, since I have a very very culturally varied circle of friends.

    I'd say it's split fairly evenly between White, Asian, Arab, and Indian, with Latino being next and Black last.

    But yeah, my friends are quite a diverse group.
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    "The racial makeup of the city was 83.90% White, 1.0% African American, 1.0% Native American, 3.30% Asian, 0.5% Pacific Islander, 8.0% from other races, and 2.3% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 13.9% of the population."

    That's my city. In my age group (high school) the demographics are much different though, less white, much more Hispanic, and much less of everything else.

    Most of my friends are either white or Hispanic, but I have one or two friends that fall outside of that.

    I really don't care about race though, I just talk to people I get along with, I'm really indifferent about having a "diverse" friend group as I don't actually care at all.
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    I'm from a multicultural country. I have no preference. I am white, my best friend is black.

    I honestly don't care where people are from and it does not affect my opinion of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Themius View Post
    I want a black friend. I have never had one. I've had friends of all type, except black. I had one half black friend though.
    My roommate last year was black. But he was boring as hell and wasn't always around. But if he was around, it was 4am, he was drunk as fuck and his friend had to help him into his bed.

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    Like all my friends are Mexican, but we were all broke skate punks.
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