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    I am looking for an addon.

    First of all, I would like to welcome MMO-Champion forum community. Recently, I have been struggling to find this particular addon that i am showing in the video on youtube called Negligent Discharge vs Elegon HC 10 Man - Warlock POV. Since I am a fresh user I cannot post it.
    I am talking about the one that shows dots above the dotted targets. Is there anyone who has used that addon before and could give me its name? I would be delighted if you guys could help.

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    Its probably the nameplate addon known as Tidyplates or Threatplates(which is also Tidyplates). The addon has an option to enable debuffs to be displayed in a widget on the nameplate.

    Its possible that the feature is exclusive to Threatplates.

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    Platebuffs will do what you're asking, if I've understood the question.

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    I think this is the video the OP is referring http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_H1J6...tailpage#t=25s.

    OP: if this is the video can you tell us what tracker you are talking about, I see 2
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    I am referring to the one that shows the dots on Protector.

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    The whole UI package he's using is TukUI and believe that is an in-built feature. You can get the same thing with PlateBuffs.

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    So I decided to use PlateBuffs. Thanks for your help, much appreciated

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