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    Suggestions for next boss kill

    Needed to see what was suitable for our next kill as we are just a casual progression guild.

    We were able to kill 6/6 MSV and 2/6 HOF last night in raid with a few attempts on Garalon.

    Now my question is, do we start doing some heroic MSV or just finish up the rest of HOF first. I have been noticing some guilds starting heroic MSV first before clearing HOF. Any suggestions. We only raid 2 nights a week and if there are easier fights out there with "free loot", then I am up for suggestions.

    Thank you

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    HC Stonegaurds and feng are easier dps wise than garalon.

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    My guild raids two nights a week. We finished both MV normal and HoF normal before trying Heroic MV.

    We made our first attempts at Heroic Stone Guards last night and three-shot it. We then killed Heroic Feng in about 12 attempts or so. Neither were particularly difficult once we got the execution down. If your guild is good with execution, try it.

    If you're going to try Heroic Stone Guards, THIS is the week to do it because there's no Jasper Chains. I say go give it a shot. It's basically only a test of your tanks ability to figure out which doggie to taunt and when. If they are good at that, you won't have trouble.
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