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    Looking for reason :P

    Hey guys,

    Kinda looking for a view on whether you all think I'll be wasting my time coming back.
    I've been an on and off WoW player since vanilla. Tried the new content each expansion. Raided hardcore here and there within.

    PvP has always been my biggest love, but I've always only ever been able to be more casual in arena than i ever would of liked due to the people i played with. Each time It's fizzled away because I'm the only one passionate to make a 2-3 day a week commitment to learning the ins and outs of each other as a team and getting somewhere. (with the way things are now i never expect to be No 1 just a dent in the system :P)
    There was only one MMO i had a serious team that played together for a few months casually and we became a powerhouse, that was FURY and i bet hardly any of you would have any idea what that is rofl.

    So with my story i ask 2 Questions...

    Is it a good idea to come back to WoW alone. Try and get a grasp of the changes quickly find some new people and go into arena blade in teeth?
    Or will i be sorely disappointed with what i experience / see with how things have changed since cata. To add, my classes of experience are Mage, Rogue, Warrior, DK.

    Also If there is a crew of casual PvPers out there wanting to take a bored well rounded gamer looking for people like himself.

    Thank you for your time

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    If you like balanced PVP, now is not your time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ripponesan View Post
    If you like balanced PVP, now is not your time.
    PvP has changed drastically in 4 years and not for the better. I have been enjoying every other aspect of wow EXCEPT PvP. I had a rogue, specifically designed for murder, geared to the teeth, and he got served by a priest. I sold everything and /deleted the rogue after 6 months of disappointment. There is no way on this green earth an undergeared priest using only 3 spells should be able to stomp a Tier geared rogue.

    If PvP is your poison, then coming back is a waste of $$$. World PvP - yes. Arena / BG - No.

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