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    Yup mages are really really bad right now. You should consider rolling something easier like moonkin or ele shaman, everyone says they're real good right now.

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    Dont use noxxic as a bible and use the search forum button .

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    "We" (the whole class) are not top, currently arcane is in the top 3 - even on most movement fights, because of its ridiculous output. Fire seems to be in the middle of the pack and frost is, just as always, on the bottom. Nothing has changed. 1 Spec you actually have to play, 1 spec you could choose if you absolutley dislike the top ones, but you have to sacrifice a good chunk of damage and one spec that you just choose, if you love the style and favour and you´re not forced to fight for your raidspot.

    All the promises from blizzard ended up in smoke!

    not anywhere near perfect, but worlds better than noxxic/simcraft, atm.
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