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    lmfao- bad players are bad,2nd wind is op'ed my i have been saying no matter how many times they nerf warriors,palyers will still cry for more nerfs until we are left useless.just like we were the last couple seasons of cata.2nd wind is like the only new talent that warriors got in mop that has yet to be nerfed,wtf cant we have one unnerfed ability.

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    elemental shamans says hi

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    Quote Originally Posted by omgmewmewcat View Post
    The healing is too strong. I'm not saying nerf it per se, but at least fix it. It shouldn't be too hard, right?

    For example, just reduce the healing done to 2%. Also make it get hit by the 30% healing reduction in PvP (just like every other class has to suffer from it).
    Nice one there

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    If you can't do 11k dps at 90, I think the problems lies elsewhere, way far from Second Wind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by omgmewmewcat View Post
    The healing received by Second Wind is just too much. I mean seriously, 11k ticks PER SECOND? That means I have to do above 11k sustained DPS to bring a Warrior down.
    I was doing well above 11k sustained dps in icc....2 whole expansions ago...(~277 ilvl gear says hi) you cant do it at lvl 90 ?
    Second wind is the least of your problems... (Healing priest can easily manage ~20k dps while healing, to give you some reference point of how extremely low and bad 11k is...)
    L2p, feral, lolwut...
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    I neither PvP nor take Second Wind, but I have to weigh in on this one.
    -- he has a shield. So, he's a tank, then? Or is he just gimping his own damage to use a shield? Either way, you're doing at LEAST double their damage.
    -- oh wait, they have a healer too? You're complaining that you can't take out a tank, who has a healer? By yourself?
    -- you complain about LoS. You're feral. How is the warrior LoSing you? Aren't you melee? Don't you have a passive speed buff? Don't you have roots? Oh wait, that's right, you're fighting a tank with a healer. He'd probably Safeguard out of the roots.
    -- don't you have even stronger healing spells that you can cast instantly for free, regardless of your health percent? Predatory Swiftness is mandatory for ferals, and you have a level 30 talent involving instant heals in any form.

    Maybe I should do this whole tank+healer in PvP thing. You make it sound invincible.

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    I think you all just got trolled.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phishy714 View Post
    I think you all just got trolled.
    Pretty much this, the whole OP is suspicious to say the least.

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    watching reckfuls stream atm- and hes saying 2nd wind is healing for a lot less-wonder if it was nerfed?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Phishy714 View Post
    I think you all just got trolled.
    Now that I read the OP's post again....I think you might have a point....

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    OP why are you spamming the same thread in multiple forums? Once is enough. And no, second wind is not op, so l2p

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    because the quota of warrior cry threads hasn't been met for the month.
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