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    What made you pick your main?

    I'm just curious why you picked your main?

    My wife picked a Draenei Fury Warrior for her first character and has stuck with it ever since (has a couple alts she slowly levels but sticks to her warrior). She just enjoys charging and leaping into fights with reckless abandon.

    Right now my main is my Gnome Frost DK (although I change mains fairly often). Tried a few times to level a DK and could never do it till I rolled Gnome, just love the little wrecking ball. Also my guild needs Tanks more than healers (I'd prefer to heal but we have a ton of healers already), so having a tanking OS is handy and probably the reason I jump on my DK for most of my guild's group content.

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    Well I got no idea to be honest all my alli chars are Dworf (exception of shaman) and all my horde chars are Undead. I guess I just like the movements and cast animations of them

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    My priest kept me through four years of play, due to me starting her at a bad time in my life and WoW being one of the few escapes from it.

    Sadly I stopped playing her after far too many bad memories got attached to her. Now I'm maining a DK, mostly just for soloing things. Currently levelling a rogue that may take over from that, as I do love stealth.

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    wanted an undead caster, my brother was mage so he told me pick warlock. 5 years and 9 months and still havent regretted that choice .
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    mostly the whole style and presentation of the class and the lore behind it (even through that one has been really neglected since wrath)
    the Draenei part, thought they looked good ^^

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    I wanted to be a magical ranged damage dealer. And since I didn't care for healing at all at that point, my two options were mage or warlock. Warlock was the obvious choice for me and I don't regret it.
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    Elemental Shaman being in a horrible state for years, seeing no improvement on the horizon I switched to Warlock. A decision I'm even happier about making today, and wish I would have done sooner.

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    My brother said I should roll a tank because his guild didn't have enough. At the time, tank was a synonym for Warrior, so that is what I did. When my guild collapsed in Tier 11 I made the decision to switch servers to play in a co-worker's guild I had played some alts in before. They did not have any room for more tanks so I swapped to a DPS main. I was not a fan of Warrior DPS at the time, and wanted something new so I re-rolled. I picked Rogue at the time because Rogues had the best theorycrafting tools between shadowcraft and the raid mechanics thread on the Elitist Jerks forum. I have not regretted either choice, though I miss tanking.

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    Blood elf paladin, because a) I'm vain and wanted a pretty character, and b) I had previously been a ranger in Guild Wars and wanted a melee class.

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    Troll Hunter, (though i've been playing ww alot =D) I liked pets, and trolls, and shooting things with explosive arrows of fiery doom. 4-5 years later still no regrets.

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    My first toon was a Tauren shaman, because when going on Judgehype website while waiting for WoW to be released, I ended up on that picture :

    And I found it awesome to cast "nature" spells !
    Plus you had Ghost wolf at level 20 so it was badass.

    I level'd it 31/20/0 spec with a 2-hander and a mix of "Shit of the Eagle" and "Shit of the Tiger" to get int/sta/str/agi
    Man I was a noob back then it was so funny. But every 3min I had a 100% crit Lightning Bolt OMAGAD AMAZING haha

    First reroll toon was an UD Female Rogue I level'd until lvl 14-ish. Never touched it until BC Arena Season 3.

    Played a Tauren Warrior I started leveling while waiting for my guild to kill Onyxia on a raiding night. Eventually got caught by the gameplay. Became my "main reroll toon" as I ended up in MC/BWL with it.

    Sticked to Resto sham until I eventually stopped WoW after killing YS in Ulduar, then came back for Cataclysm, level'd my priest because I had fun with it during WotLK as PVP toon (got glad during S5, came back playing her for Cata, Blizzard told me "nope JK priests are shit in this expac).

    So I level'd my rogue from 70 to 85 and main'd her ever since this xpac. Where rogues are so disgusting to play I'm slowly starting to main my warrior (because 45% downtime in a DPS Cycle as rogue isn't remotely close to being fun).

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    My main now? Or my main before? Or the one before that? :P

    I've had many mains. My current is a character I've had since early BC that was a co-main in BC and was my sole main in Cataclysm. I had all intentions of using my monk for my main in MoP however the overwhelming number of nerfs that were thrown at her over the past few weeks made me switch. I just realized I have no want or need to play a class that is going to be on the nerf/buff rollercoaster for the next two years.

    So...I went back to my priest as my main because I've had and played her for a long time, know the class very well and am comfortable with the state they're in right now. I have always been a healer first and foremost and I like having a class that has not one, but two healing specs that I can choose at any given time. Plus the healing toolbox on a priest is just massive compared to my other healing classes.

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    Started playing in Burning crusade made a hunter that I dropped at lvl 60

    Then made a priest that I played through Burning crusade and wrath

    Towards the end of wrath my guild needed a tank so I swapped main to a druid that I played through cataclysm with and when MoP came I swapped to a monk also that since my guild didnt have anyone that were going to play monk

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    Prot paladin for years, sadly because of guild reasons I'll be going prot warrior, big deal qq oh well, I chose paladin as my main because of the hybrid between melee dps healing and tanking, I cant stand ranged classes & I couldnt choose what role I wanted to play when I first started, (begin-tbc with 4 irl mates) we decided to go play the game with 5 people, a tank a healer 3 dps, we all still play and are still raiding together this day.

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    You know what they say about druids; I'm just a respec away from doing your job better.

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    I played a resto shaman from Vanilla to TBC. I ended up having issues with the server my shaman was on. Went and played with a buddy, rolled a lock... switched to rolling a prot pally in Wotlk. And now since cata have been with my lock ever since.

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    Lol, I'll be honest, I fell for the marketing. Decided to roll a monk just to try something new (12 85's at the end of Cata, at least one of each class). Brewmaster really grabbed my attention and I'm having a blast. I always played a mage or a Prot paly. I loved being able mobile on my mage, but I really enjoy tanking and lets be real, prot paly's arent the "Mobility" tank.

    After giving it a go, Brewmaster is just fun. Lots of movement, decent survivability as long as you don't forget Purifying Brew. Good times.

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    Original main was a rogue. New main is a monk. Monk feels like the swashbuckler type rogue, that combat claims, with big crits. All three rogue specs feel like death by a thousand cuts, plus the playstyle hasnt changed very much in years. I get a kick out of 200k Rising Sun Kicks too.

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    Because of Gul'Dan, the most awesome orc to ever live. My main is orc warlock since 2005, i still think that warlock is the best class (lore and gameplay wise.)

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    I started playing in Classic when leveing a character was a huge investment and so your "main" usually ended up being whatever you happened to level first, regardless of whether you ended up liking it.

    When I picked up the game, I wanted to be Horde and the only people I knew playing were Alliance, so I asked which classes seemed best for solo, figuring I was on my own. Consensus seemed to be for a hunter or a rogue, so I picked the rogue as the more appealing option.

    Luckily, I ended up liking it. Around level 30 (still a decent investment), I got tired of being poor and alone and decided to reroll Alliance to play with my friends, but I made a rogue again. She's been my main since, raiding on her in every expansion. (although I still play Horde <3)

    Good thing I didn't pick a hunter way back when, since I didn't end up liking them much and who knows if I would have stuck around had I ended up investing so much time into leveling a class I wouldn't end up enjoying very much.
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