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    Battle.net saying i need to upgrade ALL my games?

    Hello MMO-champs!

    Today i decided to download Diablo 3, and give it another go after what i personally think, wasnt a hell of a start.

    But i couldnt find my levle 60 when i logged in, and therefore went to check my Battle.net profile.

    In here, it says i got a starter edition in Diablo 3, and i should upgrade the game to a FULL version for a total of 60euro.

    Now, i got it from the annual pass, so err, anyone know what this is?

    Furthermore it's saying, that i need to update my MoP account, even tho i got MoP on it already, and played it there.

    I made a ticket, but as you know, it takes long for them to answer, so if anyone have a clue what i should do, let me know!

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    You already did the only thing that will help you.

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    If you missed to pay on annual pass you'll lose it I believe?
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    mop having upgrade arrow is because of the digital collectors edition. all my 6 alt accounts have that even tho my main has the digi CE <.<

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    In regards to the annual pass, if you changed your payment plan, credit card, or was a day late at adding a game card, you would have had to also submit a ticket, as it cancels your qualification for the annual pass. I switched from monthly recurring to 6 month recurring and had to do just that.

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    Don't make make THREE threads about the same thing through out the forums please.

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