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    Question On Board Wifi Issues

    Hello Everyone, my rig that i built this summer is having a small problem. The onboard wifi seems to be intermittent. I have an Asus P8Z77-V Pro, and those of you familiar with Asus' recent MBs will know that the wifi antennae seems a bit flimsy already, however i this it could be the input on the board itself.

    I know i should be hard wired in for gaming and all that but wifi is so convenient. So my question is, is there a way i can test to isolate the problem?

    And if i am going to buy a wifi card does anyone have any recommendations?, i am only using a single gtx 670 so my pci-e slots are open.

    Thank you all for your help
    i5-3570k 4.3Ghz P8Z77-V Pro (2x4) G.Skill RAM 1600
    ASUS GTX 670 Crucial M4 128Gb

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    I had a post yesterday about roughly the same issue, think I've come to the conclusion that I'll just buy something new to use - I'm personally debating between a wireless bridge that hooks up via Ethernet, and a pci card - no clue which is best.

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    oh and I also have a z77-vPro, I'm not pulling near the bandwidth as any of the other computers in my house and my signal strength has recently drop'd to abysmal - although I don't have disconnect issues.

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    im considering a bridge as well. however im thinking i want everything to be contained within the rig itself so im leaning more toward a pci card.

    ive also noticed my bandwidth isnt nearly what it could be. i think it has to do with the built in wifi not being a quality piece of equipment. It was a nice touch when i bought the MB but i dont think its supposed to be a long term wifi solution. Its good to know im not alone


    this looks like it packs a punch and is on sale atm, i may go for this.
    i5-3570k 4.3Ghz P8Z77-V Pro (2x4) G.Skill RAM 1600
    ASUS GTX 670 Crucial M4 128Gb

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