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    Getting a video file to guildmate

    I'm new to Frapsing raid content and haven't really messed with editing or the like; however, our priest is awesome with video editing. She wants to pull together three different PoVs and starting posting them for boss kills and such. How do I get the huge files I have over to her easily so she can work her magic on them?


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    You could try creating a torrent using a public torrent tracker.

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    use this website.

    i used it all to sent larg files to companies the boy that will forever be named the HHD wiper. R.I.P

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    Use VirtualDub with x264vfw codec to compress the huge fraps files into smaller mp4. Something like "ratefactor 16" is good x264 setting for 100mb/min very high quality file which is still good enough for further editing. 32bit versions of both programs is recommended download, those are less buggy than the 64bit counterparts.

    Uploading you can do via dropbox for example, or just direct skype file transfer.
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