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    Watching the hotbars

    I play a protection warrior and I have 2 hotbars full of abilities I use during combat. Pretty much all abilities are on key binds so I don’t click to cast them.

    My problem is I find myself looking at the hotbars rather than the mob or the world during combat. With so many skills it’s hard to remember which skills are off cool downs etc without looking at the hotbars. I also need to look at the unit bars to keep track of rage etc. I feel that staring at hotbars reduce my situational awareness and I want to improve on that. I also believe not looking at the hotbars will make the game more immersive.

    Is it possible to play WoW without looking at your hotbars? In other words can people remember and keep track of cool downs just in their mind?

    Is there anyone out there who used to look at their hotbars and now don’t? I like to know how you made the transition.

    I am sure there are add on which might help. I have an add on which flashes an icon on screen when an skill is off cool down but I am still finding it difficult not to look!

    Slightly off topic, is there any class/spec where not looking at the hotbar is easier? In other words they have less buttons to press and hence less cool downs to memorise? The reason why I ask is, I might level that class from the beginning to practise this.

    Any and all advice welcome!

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    Well there is only one really simple answer: yeah... people can.
    It's called getting used to your class. Once you play your class often enough, you can pretty much tell when you need to refresh your DOT or attack a certain attack.
    Now procs all come down to stats and when you're leveling, they're almost too random sometimes, but if your stats don't change THAT much during the endgame (as opposed to the major changes during leveling), you're gonna end up feeling very comfortable with your class.

    It all boils down to your playstyle and whether or not you like the class.
    I for one love my paladin, but I can play my hunter with blindfolds on and still rock the sauce.

    So get to know your character. Take him/her out for a nice seafood-dinner and take a long walk on the beach!

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