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    Some WD pointers is appreciated

    Hola demons slayers of all kinds.

    Right. So i recently started playing my monk again. Realised i sucked hard. Rerolled a WD. was cruising through stuff. Got to inferno. Owned hard. Tried mp 3. Realised i sucked hard.. again.

    Anyways. My current dps is 64921. 45k hp. around 600 ish physical resist and around 550 ish to the rest with all resist gear.

    What i am wondering is what kind of spec should i run with this for mp3+ ?

    I have been experimenting with both zombie bears/spiders and firebomb/acid cloud with slow grasp and the health globe bonus. gruesome feast or what its called.

    this should be my WD profile i think

    which item would you replace for a 7 mill budget ?

    the spec i ment i was running with is this

    all help is appreciated. Want to start on mp4 or 5 act 3 farming now. I did get 5 stacks of valor in act 3 on mp5. but it just took to long

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    Rain of corpses, your not a zd.

    Vengeful spirit, use as a dps move

    Gruesome feast, your not zd.

    I made mine to be zero cd dogs but it turned out to be expensive.

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    i was looking into the Zd sacrifice build. atm it was like 30 mill for the OH and other parts werent cheap either

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