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    Downloading and installing client at university.

    Basically, i've been trying to install diablo 3 on my university network for the past few days with no success. It seems the network is blocking a particular port or something, preventing the game from patching. (My knowledge on networking is extremely limited so please don't hold me to this).

    Contacting my internet providers is not an option, and turning off P2P downloads doesn't seem to work either. I normally receive the errord 'Failed to download information about the latest patch. Check your network connection', or the download just stays at 0%.

    So my question, is there anyone else who had a similar problem, who can direct me to a work around, or anyone who can direct me to a working download mirror?

    Many thanks.

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    Sadly some universities will block ports related to games, or they will block udp ports. Your best bet is to email your it support desk and explain the situation, e.g. at my university if you need a patch you can take your laptop/desktop to them and they will download the game/patch for you. Not ideal put still something

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    Go to McDonalds and hang out for 65 hours for it to download

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    I must be lucky, they don't have anything like that where I go to school. Then again, it's a community college. I'd suggest going to a friend's house and patching there or something.

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    Guess what i had the same problem until !! I Found the solution for our problems ! Google hotspotshield Keep clicking links until u are able to download it each 1 of them if u still have problems send me a pm!

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    My University had something similar, but it was in the school rules that online games were blocked, so contacting IT was not an option, although we did protest and the President changed the rules in my senior year.

    Basically it boiled down to three possibilities:

    1) Go elsewhere (McDonalds, friend's off campus apartment, Starbucks, etc.) and download there

    2) Depending on how the network is set up you might be able to use a proxy

    3) Again depending on how network is setup, you may be able to hook your own router up to the school's outlet (using a coax cable) and then hook your computer up to your personal router (using ethernet cable)

    At my school I used the third option because it gave the best speed and I had a couple extra routers laying around to use.
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    d3 is wierd at my uni, i cant play it in computer science lab where i can play LoL, but i can play it in normal computer labs where i cant play LoL
    make sure there is access to c drive

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