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    Hopefully Thrall dies since he's the one that chose Garrosh. Used to really like Thrall (I play alliance) until Cata. Can't stand him now. I play on the Rexxar server and always wanted more Rexxar in the game since the days I saw him walking around in vanilla. I vote for Rexxar as the new warchief.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rivellana View Post
    Despite Blizzard apparently wanting to write Anduin's death, it still looks like they could potentially set him up to be the leader of the Alliance so I don't see them killing him now, either.
    The problem with Anduin's possible death, is that he's supposed to lead the combined forces of the Alliance, Horde, Dragonflights and the Naaru against the Legion, as foretold by Velen (Who's pretty accurate. He foretold the fall of Mu'ru, that the Blood Elves would drain him to sustain themselves and that Mu'ru would return to the light. But then, here's the thing: (inc theorycraft)

    Anduin is portrayed as being a beacon of light, clad in gleaming armor pulsing with holy light (I've just spent the last 10 minutes trying to find the quote on various pages on wowpedia, but alas. I'm sorry of it's wrong). That he lies close to death in his current broken state, leads me to think that he could possibly die before he's meant to lead this combined army. However. That description matches on other entity in Warcraft atm; The Guardian of Ancient Kings. I wouldn't be surprised to see Anduin die, only to become an ever-shining beacon of light that leads the armies of light against the darkness of the legion in the form of a Guardian. It's remotely possible, the Panda Emperor vanished entirely when he became one with the physical land of Pandaria. If it would become a choice between being physically broken for the rest of his life, requiring much aid in order to live, or becoming a paragon of all that is holy; I know which I would choose.

    However, OT: I would expect a major lore figure to die. I'm personally hoping that either Sylvannus or Thrall will die. They're simply too overhyped by almost all of their fans, it just gets nauseating to see how brightly they believe the suns shines out of their respective favourite heroes' arse. If Varian had remained that one-demensional anti-Horde leader that he was through Wrath, I'd also hope he would die in the Siege, but he's showing development (For alliance as well, I'm in shock). However, if I was betting on who would die, I'd guess it would go like this:

    Fighting at the gates, Varian and Thrall are trying to forge a way through the gates and into Orgrimmar. They get close and the first boss either jumps down, magically appears or some trash archers are about to volley them both as they're too far ahead. Whichever it is occurs and Thrall pulls up an earth-wall to deflect it, he drops it and Varian surges forwards to clear upto the door. Thrall's left a few yards back where he's about to be shot at by a camouflaged Hunter; Saurfang jumps in front of Thrall, taking the hit. Thrall lashes out with the elements and kills the hunter, then turns to try and heal Saurfang. Between Thrall and Anduin (in whatever form) they try to heal him, when it looks like he'll pull through he pushes them away, asking that he be allowed to join his Wife, Son and Brother in the afterlife. He goes on to make Thrall promise to end Garrosh's reign and reminds him that his people come first. He then slowly passes out and dies.

    In the pursuit of faction equality, I'd expect an Alliance member to die. I'm not sure who would probably be the best candidate, but if Anduin survives the events of Landfall, then I guess he'd probably be the best candidate for death, either him or his Father. I'd assume that if Anduin were to die, he'd be ambushed and grabbed by a form of Sha (Sort of like King Cailyn from Dragon Age: Origins with the Ogre) that just outright kills him, instead of crippling him like Garrosh did. If it's Varian's number then I'd guess that he would die protecting what he values most, his Son. Anduin would try to heal him but because of the presence of Sha, the Rage of Lo'gosh is amplified and prevents Anduin from being to heal his Father. Anduin and Jaina try to calm Lo'gosh but ultimately they fail. Lo'gosh dies down leaving Varian to have his finals words with Anduin, although his wounds by this point are far to grievous to recover from, where he admits that Anduin is a better leader than he could ever hope to have been and tells him to bring the Alliance and Horde together to face the Legion in Wrathion's vision. Velen walks over, and with Anduin, grant him his last rites as he passes.

    That said, I'm just expecting some shitty dialogue that equates to "Oh. I'm dead." and for it to be one of the less prominent figures for either side, so that the status quo remains equal in regards to leadership.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Verdugo View Post
    It will still function, it will stil live. I want them to drown in their own ashes. I want them to burn. And I want the "high king" to witness it all before being obliterated.
    Honestly the Alliance has always had one nation that's been the "strongest." Just until WC3 that nation had always been Lordaeron.

    Heck it's like how the US was seen as the head of the Allied Forces in WW2, and is seen as the head of NATO now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Verdugo View Post
    It will still function, it will stil live. I want them to drown in their own ashes. I want them to burn. And I want the "high king" to witness it all before being obliterated.
    So basically you want the entire storyline to end outright?

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    /pray for thrall.. ive hated him ever since they added that lame Quest in cata..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Constellation View Post
    So basically you want the entire storyline to end outright?
    I don't think he cares for Warcraft.

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    The entire raid will die, but unlike at LK, the raid will not be ressed and stays dead while some NPC finishes off Garrosh. Everyone has to release and run back after that's done.

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    Let Baine die. Something like this

    Garrosh pulls Gorehowl off of his back and slices Baine in two.
    /Baine dies

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    How about a pandaren? Has there been any development on those themes of "action" and "meditation" from the Horde and Alliance pandaren leaders? That whole idea of inaction being the greatest injustice would seem a pretty good point to develop the pandaren's storyline within the factions if they - say - had a boss fight where the two pandaren leaders were fighting together and the Alliance one was slain, thus (somehow) raising the question of the wisdom for Ji Firepaw to have joined the Horde during Garrosh's fall in the first place.

    I.E. Ji Firepaw learns about moral conviction (balancing out the philosophies once the Alliance leader dies) whilst questioning the morality of certain kinds of "action". Heck, maybe then they could actually make it so Ji turns more neutral, and the other pandaren being thought of as "free" (outside game mechanics) to choose their own path after the expansion (obviously the plot would still play out the same while leveling every time, but it's acknowledged as changing)

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    On a similar note, I like the idea of Thrall dying not because I dislike Thrall, but because I become more emotionally invested in the thought of something unusually cruel happening to a person who - even abstractly - allowed for something to happen such as we see with Garrosh apparently becoming a villain. Saurfang can survive the fight and serve to promote the whole legacy of the Horde's ideals after Thrall.

    Of course, with Thrall he wouldn't just fall to Garrosh. He'd have to do something sacrificial. The pandaren can just be killed in one of the better boss fights, imo. I'm a total skeptic, but maybe they'll actually use the raid for heavy character development. That'd be far more interesting than plot develpment in general like Dragon Soul.

    (Despite posts frequently gettin merged, I figured more people would continue the discussion if I wasn't posting four paragraphs in one post so I separated. Plus, bump.)
    Oohhhh. I always thought it was a moderator that did that. I never went back to the page immediately and paid attention to the way they automatically merge! Interesting!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Unoriginal View Post
    what if SEARING WOLVES? The possibilities?!!?

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    Am I the only one who likes Anduin? This is coming from a horde player too. And what's this nonsense about him being weak and would die in Pandaria? He's a priest, and last I checked, they're not that easy to kill. :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xenosege View Post
    We all know Garrosh and his loyalists will be dying in big numbers, but lets not fool ourselves.. the conflict will certainly have losses on both sides. It would be a pretty lame final battle if no good guys died, or there was no price to pay for redeeming the horde.

    so who will die in the Siege, from the heroes? Saurfang?
    was it ever confirmed that he would be dying? while unlikely at this point they very well could pull off a redemption story, or he could possibly get whisked away at 1% and live to fight another day, burning legion perhaps?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trubo View Post
    Rexxar and Saurfang, both popular characters, have stated that they do not want to be Warchief now or in the foreseeable future. If Cairne hadn't died due to Grimtotem + Garrosh shenanigans, he'd be the best choice.

    As for people I see/wouldn't mind dying; Garrosh and Varian mostly. Moira Bronzebeard would be icing on the cake though.
    actually if cairne had not died due to the poison in the axe cairne would be warchief. their duel was a duel for rights to lead the horde, so had gorehowl not been poisoned by magatha its very possible cairne would be leading us instead of garrosh.

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