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    Need help with my DK macro!

    Hello there guys!
    So... I need special macro and since I'm bad at this kind of stuff :P Well I'm asking some of you for help

    I'm lvling my DK and I want to utilize my Action Bars as much as possible.
    I want to make a macro that will allow me to use Plague Strike and Howling Blast in 1 Button.
    I've made a cast sequence macro but I need to get rid of all frost runes before I can use plague strike... Any way to change it?

    My aim is to cast Howling Blast and then be able to cast Plague Strike afterwards... and go back again to howling blast...

    friend of mine told me it will be hard to accomplish since they both share a global CD
    Woop Woop Woop...

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    Your best bet is 2 seperate buttons. But if you really insist on the same button you chould shift mod it.

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    Just make a shift macro so that when you hit shift it turns into plague strike.

    That being said, since you're leveling, you don't need to focus so much on having diseases up at all times.

    Frost Fever should be more than enough for you to bring the mobs down.

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    You can't do that, wow don't allow macros like that. You need a modify macro or just two keys.

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    /castsequence reset=target Howling Blast, Plague Strike

    Maybe this one will work.

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    If you want to be terrible at dk then sure do this - or just use two seperate bindings.

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