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    Talking Merry Christmas!

    As I am feeling festive here is a free Moonkin Hatchling Pet Key (EU store) for the first person to enter it:


    Merry Christmas!

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    Merry xmas to you too!

    Nice on for the community, as i am still at work i wont be the winner but who cares.
    Happy people wishing nice xmas is what i like even more than an actual present

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    Nice of you to do that. Unfortunately, I was too late for that.
    Merry Christmas everybody.

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    As I was the one to claim the code first, I guess it's only appropriate to thank you.

    Thanks a lot for the awesome pet man, and merry christmas!

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    I'm too late to delete this...

    ...I just wanna make it clear: don't do this. While it's always a nice gesture, don't spam up our forum with these kind of threads. Make these gifts for your friends & family or guildmates.

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