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    [US][A] Looking for 2 dps for gold challenge modes

    Hello all, im looking for 2 new dps for my gold challenge mode runs. My guilds top dps cant make the times and the people ive had to bring are just a little low for gold runs.

    I'm looking for either a mage or shaman and a dk, possibly a war if no dk posts.

    Current comp:
    Prot Pally (me)
    Holy/disc priest

    I did all silvers about 2 months ago and decided to come back to finish these now. Idk what it was but surprisingly they seem easier, we almost had gold on SH by our 4th or 5th try, was only about 10-20 sec off. But we didnt get it our first night.

    Times will be tue-thur 11pm-1am Pacific time(may go a little longer if we're close on one)+ any possible time we're all on and have time to do it, but nothing scheduled like that.

    Only requirments is to have your own 15 and 18 sec invis pots, flasks and food (cant trade cross realm). And we use mumble

    Please leave your battletag and armory link below and i will message you as soon as possible online.
    Thank you.
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