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    [Resto] addons

    Hello champions! Can you please recommend me an addon/a few addons that can make my life easier? I'm looking for an addon that keeps track of hots and the time left of them, but alternatives are always welcome. If you also have a recommendation for a good interface addon, I welcome it with open arms.

    Thank you for helping a druid in distress. Oh, and you get a bear hug if you post a screenshot so that I can understand how that addons works or if it suits my play style.

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    Vuhdo is excellent. Gives you a nice little raid-frame with all the party and/or raidmembers, showing the hot-durations in the corners of their bars.

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    What you're after is a "click to heal" addon - these addons are a set of unit frames similar to Blizzard default where you use a series of mouse clicks and keyboard modifiers to heal people. For example, I can hover over my raid frame and left click to cast Nourish on myself or right click to cast Healing Touch.

    Don't let the terminology throw you off, these addons are real easy to setup using online guides and don't take any time to adjust to. Additionally, you'll also see a notable increase in your healing done due to improved reactions when healing (i.e. not needing to first select a target and then cast a healing spell)

    There are a number of addons which do this, a few of the well known ones include

    1) Grid + Clique

    2) Healbot - - Setup Video

    3) Vuhdo - - Setup Guide

    Personally, I never liked using Grid & Clique when I could have one addon that did it all. As a beginner, I'd recommend Healbot as it works "right out the box" and requires little in the way of setting up.

    Once you are a little more comfortable with the addon you may consider Vudho which I am using myself atm due to its high customisability and I just prefer the look of it.

    Note that all these addons will track your HoT timers as little icons which countdown similar to the Blizzard raid frames functionality, but they are much more visible and accomodate all your HoTs in a nice clean UI (rejuv., lifebloom - including stacks, wild growth, etc)

    I hope you've found this informative and it is what you were looking for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by craigp100 View Post
    I've been away from the game for a while and this helps a lot. Thanks.

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    WeakAuras for keeping track of your cd's and proccs
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