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    Is this any viable in 3s? With which healer? Why or why not?

    Also, BM/Destro.

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    I think I've seen one at high rating on a BG, I imagine they just piss about until a triple CC and then one shot with stampede / chaos bolt.

    Never seen it in person though, and I have no idea how they'd peel for their healer against cleaves.

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    if it worked with a paladin, it would be a shitload of cc..

    Rep (8s) --> Blind (6s) --> HoJ (6s) --> Shadowfury (3s) --> Fear (4s) --> scatter (4s) --> trap (8s)


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    Fear the healer into the open

    AoE fear / Shadowfury / Pala Blind / Scattertrap / Rep the DPS

    Hoj the healer and Chaos Bolt / Stampede the healer

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    Dunno about 3s but I was running demo with a marks hunter in 2s and we do surprisingly well when we both think the comp is terrible.

    basically I tank and he pews things.

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    Not viable because both hunter and warlock damage lack the damage to kill after all the nerfs.
    Aside from KFC, hunters have no place in arena anymore and warlock ain't to great either..

    Destro + BM is even a very bad choice because you have literally 0 damage outside of cooldowns and destro is just very easy to shutdown during cooldowns so don't expect big damage from that either.
    The opposite team either has to make a massive mistake or must be playing an even worse comp in order to win because outside of cooldowns, there is literally 0 pressure going on from your side.

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