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    <<Skill Optional>> 25M 3/12 [Whisperwind - Horde]

    <<Skill Optional>> is currently recruiting to polish off our raid team for 5.2. We are an active progression based guild that strives for heroic content. We log every raid and have several raiders who rank. As a team we strive for exellence and expect that each individual do so as well. Everyone is expected to do their part and we are very social guild during non raid times. Currently our recruitment needs lie mainly in the ranged dps department as we are looking for a balance druid, a mage, and two elemental shaman. We are accepting applications from exceptional raiders of all classes and specs as well.

    What is expected of you.

    Show up on time, ready and able to raid
    Have 300 stat food on hand, incase you miss the feasts
    Do not AFK during trash
    Return from wipes in a timely manner
    Have stellar attendance

    What you can expect from us

    A raid that is focused on progression
    Being surrounded by like minded talented raiders
    Enchanting mats, Flasks, Potions, and Feasts
    A fair loot system that rewards effort and balances gear out equally
    An enviroment that allows for personal and group success
    A well organized raid

    Raid nights are the following

    Wednesday 7pm - 11pm
    Thursday 7pm - 11pm
    Sunday 7pm - 11pm

    During patch drops we occasionally also add in a Tuesday night raid.

    We use an Ep/Gp loot system to distribute loot in a fair manner.

    With all that being said, we've had some raiders here for years. We're like a family and we hope you consider joining it. We have a lot of diverse people with many talent and skills sets. We take time to try to get you geared up if you are behind, work with you on your dps/hps/tanking, and can answer pretty much any WoW related question you might need. We're here to help and have fun.

    Any questions contact me Via RealID or apply at our website:
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    Just updated to get a mage!

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    Raiding tonight to progress further. Still looking for ranged dps!

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    Currently raiding, looking for a mage and 2 ele shaman still!

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    Good guild lfm!

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    Tortos down and still looking for more solid raiders for our Core 25 man raid team.

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