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    Damage of chaos bolt isn't normal since chaos wave was nerfed.

    Damage of chaos bolt isn't normal since chaos wave was nerfed.

    Casting chaos bolt to dummy with my warlock having 42.11% of pvp power,

    it dealt 164644 damage with no cds and 237483 with dark soul and on-use trinket.

    Casting chaos bolt to a player who has 63.95% of pvp resil with warlock above,

    it dealt 65935 damage with no cds and 100761 with dark soul and on-use trinket. but those should deal

    164644*1.4211*0.3605 = 84348.1996182

    237483*1.4211*0.3605 = 121664.09641365

    damage, that is, around 84348 and 121664 damage.

    These numbers are decreased by 22% and 18% respectively.

    That dealt appropriate damage as calculated before correction of chaos wave.

    Idk this change is intended or just bug.

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    If you did this test as Sacrifice specced, did you take into account the dot that CB now leaves behind? cause that's supposed to be in that neighbourhood of amount of damage.

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    Speaking from experience, it's been like that since 5.1 when they turned the damage from sacrifice into a dot.
    On a side note, you realise some speces have a passive damage reduction right?

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    no sacrifice talent.

    supremacy talent

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    Did you take into account procs and if you had the same ones in both cases? What class did you test it on? Remember that damage does fluctuate and your sample is pretty small.

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