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    Demo double portal?

    Hello warlock's lover,
    I saw in some video, or in Bg some lock using 2 time's in a row demonic circle.... HOW??

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    By 2 times in a row, you mean back-to-back? Im pretty sure that you can get teleport down to like a 15 second cooldown, maybe 10, which is pretty quick.
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    Demo has two teleport abilities, one that costs mana and one that costs fury. You can use one, switch form, and then use the other since they don't share CDs.
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    You can port in human form and in Demon form. Two different cooldowns. It's pretty good!

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    Lol amazing i didn't notice that, really amazing!! I'm having a lot of fun playing demo in pvp

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    i think so since they cost two different resources, you dont just do that by mistake
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    It's been a couple of months since I've played Demo so I can't remember this, but how much fury does it cost?
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