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    Balance Druid 2 parts of tier LFR and 2 parts normal is it worth it?

    Hey Everyone,

    I do have a problem which i would like some help with. First off, this is my armory profile.

    As you can see i´ve got 2 pieces of Tier 14(496 version). I´ve also got the helm(normal) which is supposed to be the best for us(heroic version) and the chest from valor. Would i be better off using my 2 lfr tokens to go for the 4 set bonus or should i simply wait for another normal version before using it? I mean, i could drop tons of haste for crit if using the 4-set bonus.


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    What do you mean by LFR token? The tier tokens? The set bonus might very well make up for the iLvl loss, though i haven't done the numbers, so no idea.

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