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    Rank 7 first fight - GG Engineering

    I believe I keep dieing to enrage doing it as blood, with about 10% remaining on Target- gonna try frost next time since Ive died 5times to this mechanic. Is it even possible to do as frost DK? Do I just need some better RNG with my blood dps? Im using dps gear in blood spec fyi.

    Ya, I didnt last long as frost, and dmg really doesnt change seeing as most of it comes from the rockets.

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    Just so you know, most later fights have a pretty steep dps req that cant be met with mechanics. I dont think blood can reach those levels, so frost may be needed.
    Good Luck!

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    I had no trouble to kill em with my 488 dps gear in blood specc.
    Try pulling em closer to a corner so that your blood boil hits the totems also.
    If you re having troubles due to enrage, try sitting on some rocets to increase your vengeance

    Edit: on second thought if you cant beat em in blood wait till you get some better gear, Next fight needs 85k constant dps for 2 mins. So even if you kill em you ll stack on the next one like i have. enraged at 800k/9mil .
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    I did GG as blood, 40k dps was plenty to beat the enrage by a fair margin. Only thing I did as blood too, its not needed or nigh impossible on a lot of the others.

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