Somewhere out there is the guild for us. A place that's been around awhile, where people are treated like adults, but are still held to high raiding expectations. Where people research their class, enchant and gem all their gear, even doing dailies if they have to for upgrades. Where guildies are involved in the guild and work to make it better. Would like a guild with adults who we can relate to, with kids, jobs, whatever and leadership that understands that sometimes family happens. I thought I found that in our current guild, guess I was wrong.

-Horde or alliance, doesn't matter if there is a fit.
-At LEAST a couple hard modes down by now.
-10 or 25, just need a spot for us both.
-Prefer 3-4 days, time between 10-2:00AM CST (or whatever that translates to in other time zones) We can't raid earlier than that, and prefer not to raid later than 2:00AM
-People work together to conquer content; don't swear and carry on when someone makes a mistake.
-Strong leadership that is involved in guild matters
-Guild feels more like a family than just a bunch of people that log onto raid
-An active forum / guild website

-We both have heroic raiding experience, more so in previous expansions due to current guild issues.
-We've played multiple rolls in the past but prefer to dps at this point
-Can provide logs if needed
-We have good attendance (90%+)

I will be in contact with any guilds that might be a good fit. Feel free to leave a lengthy reply / spam, I prefer that and will read them.