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    Quote Originally Posted by Rasstapp View Post
    I seem to recall Hammer of the Righteous requiring melee range to be used, that screams melee attack to me. "give a chance" could = 99.99%.
    Yes, and the melee attack portion does still proc it. The melee attack just happens to be single-target. And IIRC it has around a 60% chance to proc per hit with a 2.6 speed weapon.

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    Kinda a coincidence, straight after this, blizz hotfix'd how SoI worked, shame planned on using the same method to solo this week as majority of dmg to Boss was from me the pally.

    - How to troll Yorshaj? :P

    Was 2 manning DS to get my chromotic champion achiv or w,e.. and wanted to pull hc yorshaj, then i said "with the trash" ^^

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