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    Prot gear confusion

    Ok, so I'm going for the hit/exp 7.5% mastery>haste>parry=dodge build and I have a few questions.

    1. Are parry/dodge obsolete enough to where we could use mastery/ haste gear instead of mastery/avoidance(dodge/parry) or should I still go for mastery/avoidance or hit-exp/avoidance?

    2. Is a straight avoidance build effective at higher ilvls or is a mastery or haste build still more effective in 385+?

    3. Would a mastery elixir out weigh a Stam flask since I'm stacking mastery?

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    1. They are not obsolete, they are just not as great as the traditional DPS stats. You still want them over crit, and you still want a higher ilevel item with parry/dodge.

    2. Mastery and haste is still superior for damage smoothing.

    3. Stamina is an oddball. The rule of thumb is, stack enough stamina that you can take a couple of full hits without dying.

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    1. Yes and no. Sometimes gear with dodge and parry can be good, though not because of the dodge and parry. Only if the item has higher item level therfor more armor, strength and stamina. ( and maybe sockets and stuff )
    So, yes, you should never take on dodge and parry gear given a choice. However, 489 item with dodge/parry is probably better than a 463 without.
    In some cases, even intellect and agility gear can be viable due to higher stamina, armor, secondary stats and or sockets.
    Though all in all, you should consider dodge and parry almost useless. Personally, I value them around crit, if not lower.

    2. No, and no. Avoidance is as viable as it is ever going to get in LOWER ilvls. And even in blue gear it is worse. In some cases it can be viable for certain challenge modes, though these are exceptions to the rule, and if you understand how dodge and parry work, and why it is useless in 99% of cases, then you will also understand which that 1% that it is actually good is.

    3. There is no answer to that. You are comparing apples with oranges. If you do not need the stamina, mastery will always be better. If you need stamina, well, then stamina is better. Duh.

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    Awesome, thanks guys I was hesitant to take a mastery/ haste upgrade but now I'm digging it
    Appreciate the quick responses

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    Have u ever tried going haste > mastery? It makes playing a prot pala way more interesting.. It requires that u do ur rotation good tho. But provides a lot more dmg.. and healing, If ur running a build with SoI (and glyph of the battle healer) Find myself outhealing the healer on a lot of challenge mode trash atm, aswell as outdpsing the dps wich is fun-fun.. I try do have some parry and dodge in the bottom as a dmg reducer, and then rely on haste (SotR dmg reduction) for dmg smoothing. would probably want to hardcap expertise for it, running on softcap 7,5% atm.. and can tll if u get parried u take a beating as a result of the missing holypower, but nothing major u cant get back from, (toss a wog in if u have decent bastion of glory stacks)

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    the best way to go with is

    hit to cap ---> exp to hard cap ----> haste

    basically you want to look more at what would be classed as "ret" gear, not what tank gear. a good item will have hit or expertise or both on it.....and if it only has one then the other stat should be haste.

    theres no haste cap currently so the more the better. you will get enough stamina from gear that you dont need to worry about getting more.

    gem wise a good basis (however theres no set in stone gem for each colour) is hit/exp in blue....exp in red...haste/exp in yellow......this will help you at low gear levels to reach the hit and exp caps required.

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