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    Go haste or stay as crit?

    So, I recently got Cosmos trinket today, and with that, it's allowed me to get the haste breakpoint of 5273 (If that is correct)

    So, I was wondering, should I bother reforging to it, or should I just stay with the way I am currently, until I reach 4set to bring the breakpoint down.

    I'm also only going to be getting tier gear through LFR and Sha of Anger. Nothing else as of yet, as our guild isn't that far just yet.

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    Get the first breakpoint of 5273, then go straight into crit.

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    First breakpoint is good. People are debating the second breakpoint, but first should be aimed for at whatever cost (even at the loss of a small amount of hit).

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    I would go for the haste.


    Neck : HitRating -> HasteRating
    Shoulders : MasteryRating -> HasteRating
    Chest : CritRating -> HitRating
    Waist : HasteRating -> HitRating
    Legs : CritRating -> HasteRating
    Wrists : MasteryRating -> HasteRating
    Hands : CritRating -> HasteRating
    Ring1 : HitRating -> HasteRating
    Ring2 : Spirit -> HasteRating
    Back : MasteryRating -> HasteRating
    MainHand : CritRating -> HitRating
    OffHand : HitRating -> HasteRating

    Seems like a decent reforge for you.

    If the link doesnt work, just set a new cap for haste at 5273 with an after weight of about 1.85ish and hit optimize. Not sure if it takes into account item upgrades yet.
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