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    Anyone miss the ICC days as Fury with Shadowmourne?

    I miss those days with 43% crit and being less RNG dependent.

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    So you miss the days where we ignored our rage bar and macro'd HS to everything?

    I don't.

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    i remember ICC... wasnt even in a guild and still managed to be #28 warrior on the realm gear wise and my dps was awsome =P
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    Our rotation was easy as fuck, but it was fun. I liked mindlessly spamming heroic strike alllllll the time .

    Also Arpen was cool.

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    100% armor pen with zero armor pen gems... mmm - however now that I think of it.. I even moreso miss my prot pvping with full armor pen gems and smashing people for 3/4 of their life with a single shield slam.
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    I miss arp, and the old rotation.
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    macroing HS to everything
    Whirlwind being the hardest hitting single target ability
    Armor Pen, either you didnt have enough and had shit DPS or you had too much and were godly.

    Dual wielding axes as an Orc was sweet though.
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    Certainly. Arp was awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mstg View Post
    I miss those days with 43% crit and being less RNG dependent.
    43%? Try being crit capped at around 65%ish.

    And you had to gem full arp to be at 100% arp passively.

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    I was a Blood DK. My guild wouldn't let me get Shadowmourne.
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    it was fun but also silly, HS mechanic broke keyboards and armour pen was so insanely OP and bugged people were stacking it beyond what blizz thought was capable. I do miss armour pen as a stat though it feels like its something they could bring back to warrior's only in some way as an extra way to scale or an extra mechanic to make us more interesting, tie it to strength or haste or some crap

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    It was a fun time and probably the pinnacle of my game enjoyment. I loved our nice of splash damage and the utter domination we had in areas likes splashing Anub's adds or handling LK's valks. It was nice to have our niche, warrior dps have fallen through the cracks a little bit since in terms of having an area they undoubtedly excel at over all others.
    One thing I don't miss from back then was the stifling mechanic of threat, pulling bosses halfway through raid encounters and needing to plead for salvs was a bit of a pain and made pugging on my warrior virtually impossible.
    ARP and no rage restrictions were great things. Deathbringers will was such a fun and distinctive trinket. So many bosses had splash opportunities which seemed to favour us. Great time to be a warrior.

    Outside of raids it was a strange time in the game with the gearscore craze at its peak, owning this axe made me instantly a "name" on my realm and always drew comment in random dungeons. It was a strange feeling really, I think the game community has moved on since to not care as much putting somebody with something rare on a pedestal. Everyone used to inspect everyone back then, you mention the name of somebody to a guildee and quite often they'd know them by their gearscore or a notable mount/piece of gear they had. It was a strange time in the game.
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    I miss fury at the start of wrath. I loved titans grip fury right at the start of naxx. ARP can go F its self as well I am not a huge fan of the new RNG fury build. I was more pleased with Cata's fury build. Id love to have that style back with the new blood surge.

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    I Miss origional warriors in general. Tanking was much more fun back in the good ol days.

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    Wrath is where I started playing I loved Ulduar and ICC was okay, but I liked the epic story beind the LK. Not sure if I really was missing warrior. Fury warriors were very easy to play. Only thing you needed was having the gear really. Aside you could weave in Rend for aditional DPS, but it was only a slight increase. ArP did play a big role, it's too bad they removed it.

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    It was simple and mindless but it was fun shredding everything.

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    Shadowmourne <3

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    I miss two things:
    1) old HS (dunno why "on next swing" mechanics)
    2) WW in solo rotation
    It was awesome to freakin' pwn everybody on 2+ target boss fights.

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    "And you had to gem full arp to be at 100% arp passively."

    Maybe I'm interpreting this wrong... but no, you didn't. I had 100% with zero armor pen gems. 5/6? agi pieces (don't remember off the top of my head) + bis ICC gear gave you more than enough.
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