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    Should America go metric?

    Just wondering what people's thoughts are on this.

    I vote yes. I don't know anyone who grew up with metric that went to imperial out of preference.
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    metric rules
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    Yes. Also get the real 24 hour clock while y'er at it!

    I remember reading that a probe crashed over Mars, believe it was Mars at least, because 2 components worked together. One was produced in Europe - and calculated height using meters - the other used feet. Short story shorter - it crashed.

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    Glad to know that this isn't entirely bias or anything.

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    I would like a Royale with cheese :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by skarsguard View Post
    I would like a Royale with cheese :P
    Pommes frites with mayonnaise is godly...

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    Yup and I'm from almost the middle of America - Illinois.
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    Quote Originally Posted by skarsguard View Post
    I would like a Royale with cheese :P
    Fact: Even though Canada uses the metric system, we still call it a quarter pounder with cheese.
    (Even in French. It's called 'quart de livre avec fromage.')

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    Do some research and calculate how much it would cost, then look at current economic times, and then ask yourself if that is something we really need to be doing.

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    While it would be REALLY expensive (we'd have to redo signs, papers, reteach people, etc) but I think in the end, it would be beneficial as world standards always seem to be beneficial. I'd have a hell of a time switching though, especially the day-month-year thing.

    However, we shouldn't do it right now as stated above, the economy could use some improving before we start spending on money on things that are undebately not necessary.
    Quote Originally Posted by dupti View Post

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    On the topic of temperature - I use Kelvin; it is the better system.

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    Just gonna say it: EVERYONE should agree on a single system of measurement, as long as they are planning to co-operate on anything requiring measurement. Metric makes sense, imperial is a remnant of darker ages that refuse to die.
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    America should, but won't, because old habits do die hard. And metric is too rational

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    I'm just amusing myself with the reaction that would come from the NFL if they had to remark all their fields, and start saying "1st down and 9.14 meters"

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    I am from the US, and I wish we were metric.

    So yes, metric it is.

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    I would prefer the metric system since I've used it a lot but the dating system is not metric. Also Fahrenheit is more useful for everyday situations like the weather. There is too much difference between 5 Celsius degrees, the temperature range in most places would only be +/-20-30 C through the whole year.

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    I like the chart you showed.. Minus the blatant bias against the American system.

    Doesn't seem to stop us from being the first to get to Mars or the first in quite a bit of historical mile stones is it?


    Aveline's amazing work!

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    If we go metric system can everybody else go with the English language that would be awesome.

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    As an American student, I have had to learn metric, and only use metric. I see no reason to waste time in elementary school learning a system of units that no discipline uses.
    So I say - Yes, and I am American.

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