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    [Resto] BiS list anyone???

    So can anyone come up with a BiS list for us resto druid?

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    Thanks. Wish this table was in the Resto guide (maybe there's a link and I missed?)...

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    That is not bis list, not even close. The gloves+legs combo is plainly horrible, there's too much crit rating on it compared to any other gloves+legs combo. Calling Chi-Ji bis over Qin-Xi is questionable, to say the least. Qin-Xi is obviously much better. There's also no 'or' in the belt BiS, higher ilvl one is better.

    Other than that, there's probably no point getting bis list unless you plan to meter whore this tier. Just try getting all items in all slots for next content as nobody knows what changes Blizzard may introduce with content patch.
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