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    Quote Originally Posted by Tziva View Post
    Because people like to feel elitist about some really dumb shit.
    Pretty much this. They have this "I've been playing longer than you, so I'm better" thing going on.

    I do have to admit I see the other side of it too. It's pretty funny when people who haven't been playing that long complain about quality of life stuff in the game because they don't remember having to hoof it to dungeons, no LFD/LFR, and so on that we had to deal with in vanilla.

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    There was a game released back in 2000 which I began playing upon release and still play it to this day, if you didn't start playing that game in the first year, you will be looked down on and spoken to like shit by the older members. It's hilarious because my friends and I are some of the oldest and most well known people on the game, we go round with other names on telling people we started either in 1999 or 2012 and just generally troll those fools who think they are special because they've been playing longer than the newer people. The attitude is entirely laughable in both these games, I have no time or patience for any idiot who believes playing any game in xxxx makes them better than someone who began in xxxx+1/2/3...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Griffter View Post
    It's not a WoW thing. It's just a people thing. Everyone wants to feel like they were one of the first to do something "before it was cool."
    WoW still isn't cool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sac View Post
    i dont hate new players at all what i do hate is a new player talking about how hard there class is or how faceroll there class is when they never played the original way the class was played. you know paladin's now are so different from pallies 2 expansions ago...i cant even play my pally now..the whole everything is different. it wouldnt be so bad but i still dont understand that holy power system..just seems a waste of my time.
    Wait, so...first you say you hate how people nowadays say how hard their class is to play, but then you go ahead and tell us you can't be asked or bothered to learn how to play your pally now because of all the added mechanics and holy power system?

    Does anyone else see the hilarious irony and hypocrisy in his post?

    To be a little less harsh and more constructive on this poster, I'd like to add that the "original" way the class was played was never meant to be the only way the class would be played. Do you really think Blizzard didn't intend to change and evolve their classes as the game changed and evolved? Did you really think your easy-as-shit retadin from WotLK was going to stay the same way till the end of time?

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    Cause people that spent $15 a month longer than you did think you ruined the game they loved. With this comes an attitude that there $15 is worth more than yours. It's just a different form of entitlement cause they'll say "back in late 1800's we didn't even have cars. We had to walk to town. It's unbelievable you have this flying contraption now and you complain blah blah takes too long." Ya heard?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aftordon View Post
    WoW still isn't cool.
    Oh sick burn!

    It's pretty simple, the masses started playing the game and Blizzard began designing the game for the masses. I have absolutely no issue with this because I personally still enjoy the game (raiding will always be raiding, and it HAS continued to evolve and progress in it's own right). "All of you that started playing my game are ruining my game!". It's fairly laughable.

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    I raid in a guild where when we reference stuff from original MC days and Garr, there are at least 10 people that don't get it.
    Do we ridicule them? Not really...

    I think this bias is made up, to be honest..

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    Wotlk was when Blizzard went "full retard" or in other words "casual". They nerfed the shit out of the BC raids at the end of BC and continued to make content more forgiving with the first raid tier of Wotlk. They then followed with what many call the best raid ever in Ulduar and then fucked it all up with Totc. I started in BC so of course that's my favorite time in my WoW career, but i had tons of fun in Wotlk.
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    If I ever think that my starting in vanilla meant that my opinion was somehow more valid than someone else's, I remind myself that the worst player I know *also* started in vanilla.

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    If you want my two cents it's because the game became a joke in Wrath. It was the xpac that opened wow up to casuals and basically dumbed everything down. Saying "I miss wrath" is the same as saying "I miss ez mode" to me. Now, I know everyone who began playing in wrath isn't a scrub, but they never experienced working their way through challenging content in tiers, building upon their gear and taking down the bosses as they earned the right to face them. They just facerolled the nerfed final tier and pretended to be cool in their heroic dungeon earned top tier gear. To be honest, sometimes their opinion just makes me roll my eyes. Wrath babies are very obvious to spot when they start whining.

    Again, not everyone who began playing post BC is like this. I acknowledge that. Many vocal players *ARE* though. This is why there is a stigma on post BC players, imo.

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    but on a serious topic, people feel an ego booster knowing they played in the hardest part of the game and it makes them better, that's what they think anyways, or it's just a damn shame you missed on the epicness of BC, either way doesn't matter when you joined tbh
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    for me its because Wrath started the trend of being able to skip tiers... It kinda destoryed the game for me. Yes I know that player stealing was a big thing in BC, but you know what that made the game super community driven. "Yeah, Jkjk left us for OG" "Eff Jkjk lets catch up to OG and pass them in progression to show him!" or having players whisper you "hey Neph I know you run BT on weekends, would you mind coming with my guild on tuesday to run Kara, were trying to kill Curator and dont have the DPS" "Sure I'd love to help yall!" In essence it made the community KNOW each other. Now its que LFR, down eazy mode bosses, go to forums and QQ about how easy Hard Modes are.. I hate new wow.

    Also Wrath gave more Welfare epics than ever before... Also Wrathbabies... :P
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