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    56 25.93%
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    73 33.80%
  • I am married

    21 9.72%
  • I am forever alone

    66 30.56%
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    The best way, which is already mentioned before, is to live your life normally and have fun while doing so. If you radiate confidence and joy you are appealing to the opposite sex, so when you live your life while enjoying it, this is the best way to attract someone. Also let things fall where they may, dont be too demanding or pushy when you go on date(s), just be genuine about your interest and your intentions. That always worked for me, but then again always is like 4 times (but all relationships lasted at least 1 year).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fahrenheit View Post
    I'd wager that doesn't work out so well, given that a large number of the posters here spend their evening in front of PC monitors playing video games and when they aren't they consider themselves "loners" as noted in the poll a couple of weeks ag where the overwhelming majority here stated as such.

    Anyways... OP get out from behind the monitor and go do stuff you wouldn't normally do. At best, you find a chick who you would've never met otherwise and you'd hit it off, at worst, you discover something you enjoy that you just never attempted before.
    I think he means don't go out looking for one in desperation, as if they actually need to be with someone when you really don't have to be, its just nice.

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